I am glad to welcome you at my "Scrap metal business that works!" e-book site. Probably, you got here while looking for a nice side income or business idea. I must say - you came to the right place! Because scrap metal business is very profitable and attractive niche, but it is often overlooked by the most people.

Seriously, how could anyone sane ever think about making decent money out of scrap metals? Besides it is not a joke and is really possible, it pulls in a lot of money. Whats more important - almost every average person can have a piece of that pie and do scrap metals for cash.

When i first heard of making money on scrap metal recycling i could not believe my ears, though i was interested. A bit later I was astonished when I couldn't find any information about scrap metal, like: scrap metal prices per ton, where to look for it, metal identification techniques and how could i possibly earn on it.

In case you are not impressed, please note
that the US (for example) exported over
$10 billion worth of only scrap steel
which is the cheapest on the market!

Nevertheless, i have passed this way from the very beginning to the end - to my own small scrap metal recycling company. And at the end i wrote this book, which contains my story, all my knowledge, experience and solutions written in step-by-step manner.

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I also tried to write as simple as possible, without scientific inferences, so everyone can easily read and understand what am i speaking about.

First of all I want to warn you: my book wont tell you how to earn $100,000 a day sitting in front of your PC and clicking, because this is the biggest lies ever imagined by filthy marketing experts in order to deceive you, and force you to buy their very new and "very special" useless product. They promise that all you need to do is just make a few clicks and then voila! You wake up with a million stacked at your bank account, and you are still earning even while asleep.

Just take a minute and think for yourself, if this was true won't any second man or women on Earth be a multi-millionaire? Obviously, it's the biggest lies you could ever believe.

I wont promise you piles of gold for doing nothing, but with the help of experience i gathered during "doing scraps", and concerning that scrap metal is an overlooked and rapidly evolving niche, you still have time to take a place under the sun.

The Case

If you are ready to work, and whether you are looking for a nice side income or always wanted to have your own small business, but don't know what kind of company to start "Scrap Metal business that works" will end all your searches.

This book is written for people who don't believe that money is so easy to come, you have to work to earn money and work harder to earn more.

But there is a great difference between where to put your efforts and what you come up with. For example, most surely you won't try to make a new laptop model for a start\additional income, because of its enormously high investments and extremely competitive market. What i am trying to say is better explained in this fundamental economic statement:

The best way to earn money is to: gain maximum income with minimum investment.
(with regard to both capital and life cycle costs)

The good news is that doing scrap metal idealy fits the above statement, because:

 Doesn't need any serious investments to start (both time&money)
 Doesn't need any special knowledge, even a 18 y.o. can start
 Is very flexible, it can be used as the side income or as a base to start your own business
 Scrap metal brings high returns because scrap metal prices per ton are very high

As you can see, this is really not very demanding business, in compare with a shop opening or laptop production. Now, when you know of the minimum entering threshold, let's see why scrap metal business is profitable, perspective, and moreover, why does it work.

I would like to start with another well known fundamental business statement which i will explain further:

In order to make a successful business, you have to find an actual problem, and earn money by providing your solution to it.

This can be almost any problem you encountered, for example: homeless pets (build a shelter), lack of hi-tech cellphones (invent an iPhone), lack of online file storage services (make one), etc. Proceeding from this, if you ask any owner of such business about their goal, they will most surely answer you, that their idea is to solve this particular problem with their product or service.

But don't stick to those examples, an actual problem can be everywhere. It can be small, personal or your of local region, all you need - is open your eyes. Many manufacturing companies(in every industry, even in typography!), households, individuals have the problem with scrap metal. Which you could solve for them and receive some cash for your service.

We will analyze this topic deeper and i will give you practice advices, real working techniques and solutions with more details in my book.

The Profits

I don't want to make a cheap promises and persuade you to believe me, just see it for yourself - scrap metal market grows and evolves rapidly! As well as scrap metal exports and prices per ton on particular metals. Do you still remember that only the US (for example) exported over $10 billion worth of only scrap steel?

And scrap metal market is not only about the cheap steel scrap, there are plenty of other scrap metals. Moreover, most of them are worth way more money and their price is constantly growing. Just take a look at the scrap metal price list below...

scrap metal recycling, scrap metal, scrap metal prices per ton

Could you ever imagine that someone will want to give you a payload of dollars for a piece of useless scrap?!

The reality shows that it is possible, scrap metal is worth that much and according to prices, there is a huge demand for this resource.. I wouldn't lie to you, dear reader, to ensure that im not lying - just call your nearest scrapyard and ask them about the scrap metal prices.

Yet, to show you the possible profit scale, look around you - metal is everywhere! Almost all things that surround us are made or contain various metals! Literally speaking, money is lying under our feet!

Note:In my book will speak more about on this topic, because it would be silly to share all information and cunnings about this business right here :)

The knowledge

I spent years and years to figure out how does it work and how can i earn from it, I also made tons of mistakes while trying to make scrap metal bring me money.

This book is somewhat of my own diary, where i recorded my path from an unemployed-sitting-at-home to a scrap metal collector, and finally, real scrap metal yard company owner!

The good news is that I already did it, and why should anyone who is sane repeat mistakes made by others? There is a good saying which almost everyone knows:

While the clumsy one learns from his mistakes, the clever one learns from mistakes made by others.

Therefore, and collected all my knowledge, solutions and experience in this book! That is to say, you will be aware of almost any problems regarding this business. Moreover, you wont repeat my mistakes and will already have the solution to them, which i had not back then!

So, it is obviously an attractive deal. Ten bucks (the price of one lunch) won't affect your life drastically, but in return you can pull in some cash doing scrap metal or even open a small company which you wanted forever.

This book includes:

 "Howto" on identifying different kinds of metals (with photos)
 "Howto" on finding metals, sorted by type
 Half a dozen of real life working techniques of earning on scrap metal
 All techniques mentioned above are different and explained in step-by-step manner
 Guide of establishing your own scrapyard!

Note: as i said before, you don't need any special knowledge in order to earn on scrap metal, this book covers all necessary information.

And that's all?

Just keep in mind that scrap metal is an overlooked niche with very low competition (at the moment), which is rapidly gathering popularity. Yet, more and more people, countries and businessmen are beginning to realize economical and ecological potential of scrap metal recycling industry. What ends up in governmental investments in this industry, lower taxes for scrap metal dealers and other nice bonuses.

"Metal Scrap - business that works" has all necessary information for you. Whether you wish to start doing scrap metal as a side job or to open your own small business enterprise this book is at your service. The good thing is that you can start from any chapter you want, i mean if you feel like opening your own company - you could start with opening a scrap yard right away. Or if you are a stay-at-home-dad or a student, you could do scrap metal in your spare time for some significant additional income. Business steements explained on the example of a real working business!

All is up to you: you can still catch your "scrap metal recycling train" and be among the first pioneers of scrap metal industry and receive profits from this field, while others are only starting to realize its potential..

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If, for any reason, you decide this book hasn't helped you in any way, or you just don't like it, feel free to ask for a refund. I will refund you every penny you paid at your very first request. Moreover, it would be silly of me to ask you about returning my book, so keep it as my payment for your time and trouble.

As you can see, there is no risk for you at all. Hence, that is a win-win situation, because i think that the Client is always right. Therefore, if you need any help or a piece of advice - email me, i will be glad to help you with your trouble.

Note*: this book is provided in downloadable .PDF format, and is designed to be read directly from your PC or Mac. You will receive your download instructions after the checkout, usually it takes less then 2-5 minutes. The download link is valid for 24h, so you can download it at any time you want.

scrap metal business, make money scrap metal, earn scrap metal, business idea, home business, scrap metal business

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